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living different lives anything and everything image

Anything and Everything

I wish my life could be as erratic as Charles Bukowski changed jobs in Factotum. To be able to quit apathy as it gnaws upon my soul. How magnificent life would be then! To be able to do anything, absolutely anything just for the heck

burning up image for poem

Burning Up

I am seething, Flaming in this impossible heat, Thinking what did I do to deserve this, What loathsome act did I commit To seal such a painful fate? Or was it just a matter of choice That plucked out known faces, Impelled me towards cold

afterlife poem featured image


Woke up one day To find me dead; It didn’t make a difference. I climbed out my bed, And walked a mile To find no one, But were they ever there? Not a soul lurked, Not a car stirred, The traffic of dopey minds Was

playthings image for scottshak's poem


Where does all my verve go When I am already on a journey? Why does it not carry in me? The zeal to be riding a new horse, All along the bumps and humps Thrown my way; That’s how every life has been paved. Why

people are crowd poem

People Are Crowd

Walking in, Walking out Of their wretched lives, People are crowd Who don’t stand out; They hum the same song, And shoehorn all along, Till they feel safe amongst each other, And don’t bother About anyone’s radar, Not even for a man, Who sits quietly

fork and spoon creative photo for picking up the discontent


Ain’t afraid now Of challenges on my road, I pick them like I pick fallen berries in the woods, Or people who have lost interest In their every day, For it all sounds the same, The quiet makes them sleepy And they think now, Maybe

Karan Arjun action web series poster

Karan Arjun Action Web Series

This one is a paragon of what all impromptu plans are all about. Not a morsel of thought was spent on it. Okay, that would be just plain wrong. I would say my thoughts read “let’s do this, let’s do that” more than an actual

Hands on my clock

Hands on My Clock

I am slaving away, Paving a way, For someone I wouldn’t recognize, When I am no longer left. These bits that make me Aren’t for a future I feel, But to sate my obstinacy, For everything I am about Is to become everyone, In one

kiss me dead featured image for poem

Kiss Me Dead

I feel your searing eyes Piercing me, Making me Shift in my edgy seat, Twitch in this ugly heat, What are you thinking Behind that crazy skull? I ain’t that dull, I am trying to keep up With your brutal signs, You are defying Me

dehn sora's art for sleepless poem by scottshak


Squinting in the dark, I try to find my light With my careful eyes; They are burning With a fire that’s crackling My body and soul, That’s making this pain Hard to bear. I have a dream in my eyes That’s keeping me alive From