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Did you know?
You were born in kisses,
Moulded with slurps
Of my sloppy lips,
You didn’t know what it was then
Or what together meant.
You just take love for granted,
Just as you take breathing now.
Your birth wasn’t a mistake,
But a devised plan of the divine
To place you in a hole,
Where all the indulgence hides.
You have forever found love,
More than you have given
And more than you will ever get,
In your being close to me.
I think of you even when you are not looking,
And I think of ways to cover you with my quilts of warmth
To find those extremes of affection,
To help you understand what all of it means,
That I am here for a reason and not there,
That you will forever be safe if I am around.
I am a pillow to your wild thoughts,
And I’d fall underneath you before you might,
And cushion you from searing pain
And whatever ugly the world is about,
Coz watching you hurt
Hurts me the most.
When I see you in tears,
I often think about
Turning the handles of time,
To go back there and
Save you from your doom,
Coz I see everything in slow motion now,
And maybe I am fast I am not enough
To help you escape what’s written.

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