The Unmanned Boat

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Sea to the left,
See to my right
To find another hopeless sight,
Down below death drowns,
I might not ever make it out,
And yet I try to find my wade,
Clueless about a certain fate,
Must be a land somewhere
That my purblind eyes fail to find-
An island of hope,
Or a shore of relief
To find the lost in me.
Maybe I am moving too slow,
Waving at the waves I don’t know,
Without a man
To steer me across;
I lost my arms
In a war of moss,
Left at the mercy of fickle slaps
That know nothing of mercy.
I am tired of a life without answers,
I have a book full of questions now.
Where am I going?
Why can’t I see?
The trail I leave behind
Turns into water again,
Rejecting any progress I make.
I wonder if I ever moved,
Was I here all along?
But I am moved
By the things I hold dear,
Oh dear! Who is to say?
I don’t see boats like me
In this ocean full of fish.
I like the sound I make
When I dance with the wind
And run with the waves;
It must be music,
Coz it makes me happy.
But there must be a place
Where water stops to pave the way
For a land of dreams,
Where I don’t have to worry about
Getting lost in the sea, ever again.

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