The Parting

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Fractured sleep,
Another dream,
I try to sleep again,
But every time I do,
I try so hard,
I never wake up to your face.
My cup overflows with water
From your eyes,
Yet I feel something missing
From my life.
Ask him who dies today
What it is to live,
And what time really means
When there is only a mote of sand left to breathe.
Your hand itches
To wave adieu,
And be off with it,
While I hope you would stay
And are forced to cave
To my only dying wish.
I might melt, I know,
Any second now,
But I hold myself
Like a child,
And my own arms
Wrap me around
With a vision
From the past –
How many left?
How many remained,
Everyone leaves you anyway.
It is a parting
Of the soul,
That takes away
Your body whole,
And then you never remain the same.
I am aware how,
Any second now,
The devil might show
At the gates
To take you away
To a different world,
Where I don’t have any say.
It is your void that awaits
That bothers my guts,
I would be difficult
Without you,
And I might find it hard
To carry my days,
You made living easy
On your shoulders.
Now I have to drag my corpse
In those dark streets again
Where I had given up
On life and accepted my fate,
And I choke
To know,
That you might go
Never to return again.

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