The Absence of Everything

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I read pain on faces
I had never seen weep;
Could they cry too?
Now I know –
Joy isn’t anyone’s prerogative.
You wish it were eternal,
It never is.
No matter how taut it is held,
It always manages to slip through.
Emotions are like sand,
They never stay in one’s hand.

If I try to breathe in the present
I see things as is;
A world that is unmoved.
For a moment I know it’s all the same,
Nothing has changed
And nothing ever will.

But the past is only a blink away,
And you fall into my eyes,
Then through it.
You are my tears;
I try to spring you alive.
And I remember everything,
In that momentary shuteye,
Everything that I loved about you,
Everything I hated I loved about you,
Everything you ever said,
And everything that was left unsaid,
Your presence in my thick air,
And now the void that feels
Like a person used to live there
Some pointless hours ago.

Your voice still rings in my ears,
Your face still makes a face in my face,
Your warm hands on my head –
The soft touch of existence
That would often tell what everything felt like.
I knew what everything was made of,
I know what everything can’t make up for – You.

Everyone rushes in
Trying to understand what pain is,
And everyone rushes out
Failing to get it,
While here I am,
Still there.

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