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Painted poetic,
Brushed artistic,
Close up of your eyes,
Golden brown
And searching
Answers to my quests,
At my behests,
They dare to look into mine.
Arrests my gaze,
What a maze
Of loony talks!
That happen when
We are inches from each other,
And I can’t stop myself
From venturing forward –
My daring toward
Soft edges of your mouth.
I lock me into you
As if the only key you are
To my resurrection,
Made in my time,
I try to find
A word for that lawless
Feeling that heaves
Inside my chest,
I didn’t know I had,
Up until now.
When I stop,
I have to stop,
As I breathe down your face
To taste you slowly,
And take a breather
For you leave me breathless,
I am afraid,
I might choke on my fancies –
You are a wild joyride
Of a luscious dream
I forever chase,
And you decide to pity
My hopeless probes
And land me one,
Out of the blue,
To put me out of my misery.
My insides explode
Inside my head,
My eyes close
On our bed,
To take you all in,
To feel how I can never win
The game we play,
Despite how good
A player I am.
I drop my guard,
And on my knees
I realize,
How I always get
Drawn to my star
Like the fire you are
To my burnt wings.
Figure me out!
For I can’t,
Tire me out!
For I shan’t,
I am hungry for you,
I have been starving too,
So I might never quit
Devouring you.

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