Reminiscing Book Review

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Reminiscing isn’t a day’s work. You get that when you see a cadence of poetry caught between its whopping 200 leaflets. They speak of love lost, sing songs of tragedy, of a broken heart that claims to have reconciled but clearly hasn’t.

There are years of yearning on its alluring pages. If you are someone with a broken heart, you would immediately relate with her poems. You feel the pang as if it’s all yours.

Lakhbir’s flair with her emotions is absolutely terrific. Some of her poems will compel you to live the resounding vista surrounding her imagination. She is great with her words. Writes lucidly and for readers who are trying to put some sense into their dormant emotions.

Personally this cannot and should not be finished in just one sitting, since it ends up making the work a tad monotonous. But if you read it whenever you are in a glum mood, that’s when it will connect the most. The images in the book seem really glib, and should not have been there in the first place as they try to rip away the true theme.

Poems like “Listless Wait” that make you imagine how the poet wishes to have a basketful of twigs and dry leaves so as to get by long winter nights or in “Just a Story” where she compares her story to end in an ‘automatic pang of life’ are simply fascinating. You can’t help but brood for hours how she has managed to create such thoughts on a beautiful panoramic easel of her brain.


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