Our Time

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You are thinking about my world
In your world,
I am a dream
You can wipe out
With a mere thought
Spent on someone else.
I will be gone in your momentary disregard
For the better part of the day,
But it doesn’t work that way,
Coz I will be back to haunt you,
One way or the other
With my “what-if”
To smite on your door,
With expectant eyes,
Reminding you of how
I would have looked like,
Breathing around your personal space,
How I look like now
That I have become someone else,
Different from our time together,
I might tease you to talk
To this new version of me,
That doesn’t seem to remember
A broken past writ in a broken shard,
It is the nights that are going to be lonely
Even when you have arms
To wrap you around,
To make you feel you are home,
You would know then,
The very definition of it,
Was the time you chose
To leave behind in our time.

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