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A split second
Of eternal joy,
A subway treat;
A tasteful meet
Of eyes and a face
That might erase
My today if tomorrow
I don’t see you again.
Like a whiff
You dropped in,
Akin to the kiss
Of the first flake
That stays there for a while
For all your attention to make,
And you walked out
Of my personal space
Behind a strange face.
These numbered days
Don’t make any sense
But your presence does.
When you existed again
Like that fated rain
That has to find
A parched land,
Or it will never be done
With its purpose,
In that halted moment
I tried to read you
Through your cover;
Maybe you don’t pack a soul
Maybe there’s a hole
Too, but who am I to see
Someone who is visible
To your world of invisibles,
I am an added speck
Of people slapped
To unknown faces;
I am yet another one.
I am limited to sight
But I might
Look you in the eye,
If I were bold enough for stares
Oh, these chairs!
Can’t stand me any longer,
I have to find you,
Before this heartless crowd
Eats you again.

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