Kiss Me Dead

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I feel your searing eyes
Piercing me,
Making me
Shift in my edgy seat,
Twitch in this ugly heat,
What are you thinking
Behind that crazy skull?
I ain’t that dull,
I am trying to keep up
With your brutal signs,
You are defying
Me without a word,
That’s all I am about,
You don’t know me yet.
Your smile’s set
On my lazy lips,
And they are dying
To find a topic yet,
I have lost myself
In your facial net.
I have stories in me,
You look like a reader avid,
Please don’t look like that
When you are looking at me,
It’s these crazy thoughts
That I often get
That keep me
Up at night
And not my ghostly bed.
Don’t lure me with
Them smiling lips,
I am already down,
Just pick me up,
And shout me out
Of my dreamy trance,
Tell me what I wish to hear,
That you are finally here
For my consuming love.
Prance me off
For a dance perchance,
Turn me into life again,
And make me
What all is love,
And teach me
What all of it means,
And show me
What all I have left
Behind in time,
I might not be the same
Just bear with me
Oh dear!
And kiss me,
Before I am dead again.

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