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This one is a paragon of what all impromptu plans are all about. Not a morsel of thought was spent on it. Okay, that would be just plain wrong. I would say my thoughts read “let’s do this, let’s do that” more than an actual meticulous planning. The moniker was slapped on it at a much later stage.

Everything was undecided. What didn’t change was my head – the fact that I really wanted to direct an action short film. So without a story and without a proper plan, we started off fighting with each other. I just knew the angles and the fight kept coming to me naturally. We were merely experimenting, but the end result turned out to be good.

Later on, the beginning was thought, and we decided to shell it out as a web series. Something wherein we will keep having fights after fights in every episode and that one episode will carry the reason why.

With that, Karan Arjun was born.

Check this one out:

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