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Turning around and over in my thoughts,
I am nowhere near a slumber,
I have somewhere to be,
Something to see,
Someone to be.
My unrest is a world
I choose to sleep in,
Yet I fail to doze off
Like I used to before,
With a single snap of a finger,
As if I were some hypnotic ghost,
Who would respond to light and night.
Where did my rest go?
Every night I chime in Good Night,
I find a morning peeking through my window blinds,
And the birds, you know, the birds sing;
They don’t know a thing,
Unaware of the wretched face,
Who has been tossing around
His bed all night to find its quietest corner;
Who is now under a pillow
Trying to smother his head,
For thinking too much;
For being friends with his own mind –
A company hard to shake off.
I hear the alarm go everyday and switch it off,
Vexed like everyone else,
Only my reasons are different;
I hate myself for making it through the night,
Unmarred, unweary, unharmed.
I hear the rooster crow
Trying to say –
“It’s yet another promising day!
There is yet another dark to look forward to,
And maybe try again to find your quiet
In one of those another nights,
The next day has already begun,
And you have already run out of time.
Rise and shine!”
But I guess it’s alright,
Even though I don’t sleep all night,
I think I will remember this phase too,
These days too,
And laugh it off,
When I have learned to sleep all over again.
I look at it as the drums that roll to mark an impending change,
I hear the roar of a lion within,
Who is to become the Jungle’s King.
And I don’t really mind my shut-eye
That won’t even try to come
Coz in my churning brain,
On my simmering train of thoughts
I get a lot of things done.

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