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I love the autonomy in you,
The power to go out
Whenever you feel like,
And to stay in when you don’t,
While people are tied to a clock
They have never questioned before.
How you are not governed by any human life,
As if you were your own creation,
That anyone who thinks different
Should maybe think again,
For you are not everybody else,
And that remains.
You can’t be dictated by human laws,
All those inlaws of the world
See you as an outlaw of their herd,
Who they could never be,
For they are scared of their innate prison.
They don’t look up when you pass,
For they are ashamed of their mass
That doesn’t lift a finger,
Where you often land a fist.
You are not chained to a norm,
You are a storm to the swarm,
And the rocky the road,
The better you roll,
And you still walk alone,
Like you know you were born
To be sown to the ground
With nobody but you,
So nothing we do really matters.
Their scream can’t be loud
As your silence to a shroud,
You don’t weep from your eyes,
But from your body and your mind.
You are not derailed from a map,
You just brought your own track,
And that’s why it has many bothered.
You don’t give anyone that authority
To rule you or your sanity,
You carry your own leash
To every battleground.
When they wish to get close,
You shut them out
To lock yourself inside,
And then swallow the key
To dance the dance of the devil
In your solo ruse
With your lithe moves,
Hidden behind your own walls,
And then people fail to see
If there is a person inside.
I like how you walk out on things
Like a feral brat,
Who can’t be brought back,
For the fear of being bit.
And above all you hold,
The flair to say no,
To break hearts
As if they were shards,
Put together to mean a thing.

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