Everyone Else

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My parents named me a very common name. You google it and thousands of Prashant Singh show up. They had unknowingly registered me to their very idea of normalcy. Maybe they secretly wished me to be like everyone else.

But I am not everyone else. The very idea of being common repulses me. I can’t be the crowd they wish me to be. I was meant to stand out and guide them, not walk amongst them. I hate hiding or waiting for others to speak before joining in the humdrum.

Society is humdrum. Our system is noise and we follow it blindly without questioning all the minor inconvenience that it tags along. We have been walking behind their ideas, eyes closed.

Despite how awkward or challenging standing seems, I stand nevertheless. Despite how weird or inferior the world makes me feel, I push back. I think we are supposed to, or we would end up becoming the very pulp of societal ideas. They are badgering us with their scorns, lining us up in the ways of the old.

We are not old. We are the young. We are the happening. And if you don’t get it, maybe you are on the verge of becoming extinct too.

Do not become everyone else! Be you! Be rare! Be bold!

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