Dissonance – A Short Sketch | The Gym Story

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Ideas boil in my head sometimes and they want to pop out in the form of media I am accustomed to. Filmmaking being my latest fad, an idea was screaming to get out. That’s how dissonance was formed.

We shot this in Surat in a gym contained in a club house of a society. The theme reflected how I felt as an introvert in a gym. I felt in my guts, how little conversation I used to make with strangers. I imagined the pointlessness of such living where one would choose not to interact with people.

While there could have been solutions around me, I never ever bothered to open up. That thought made me imagine a story about four guys who need each other in one way or the other, but they tend to overlook the most unimaginable place – around them.

I hope you enjoy the video, and maybe relate to it as well.

You can watch Dissonance – A Short Sketch here:

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