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You did not get me,
You do not get me,
That’s how it is.
I am a riddle
To your hunt,
And I sit here with answers
To questions I am yet to face,
With a confidence you can’t efface.
I will pay you,
If that’s what it takes,
If that’s what makes
You smug,
That you finally found me,
But to figure me out
Is a mistake,
I am not easy
Like a walk in the cake.
I am a word
Yet not registered;
Am not written,
I will be once I am history,
I am not spun every day
Or be reined in time;
I weigh in my own time,
And then when I have something to say,
I stay quiet like a river
And flow in myself,
Drown myself in it,
Maybe a thousand times,
And let my eyes do the talking.
I wouldn’t do what you want me to;
My kingdom is cruel,
I am no one’s to rule.
Cut me open and there’s more of me,
More to me that beats the eye
And hides in the flesh.
I am a rebel
In the bone –
The unusual,
Who hates the usual,
I was raised to be one,
But I am none
Of their ideas.
You can sense me ticking,
I am a bomb on the clock,
Running out of this life,
While no one can see me,
Your eyes are shut blind,
That’s how I know
You wouldn’t read me
For who I am,
Because I am everything but
What you expect,
I am everything but
What you need,
I am nothing like love,
And I am everything like he
Who knows better
Than to fall in love again.

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