Children of Pain

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I know it is hard to get,
But those little soft fingers
You have rolled up in your palms
Are anything but innocent;
They have scraped against someone’s insides;
You have come from a place of pain.

They have suffered in silence
When you were eating their bread,
You took what was supposed to be theirs –
A selfish parasitic trick of fate.
You were taking what wasn’t yours,
Even when you weren’t born;
Aren’t you an inbred disgrace?

You know not of what I tell you,
You have done much harm while paving a way,
You have caved away a hollow in someone’s body
While they had screamed your absent name,
With tears of joy just to catch a glimpse of your face,
But you were unaware of their gaze.
You had your eyes shut when they were watching you
For a nod of gratitude to say that you approve of life;
You haven’t still nodded yet.

You have killed sometimes too,
Yes you have, there are creators slain;
Dead bodies lying in the wake of
Your entrance had you awake from
A slumber that slipped life from a life to a life,
And that’s why there is no one around to
Hold you when you fall down.
All that twinge you caused,
You are being punished to lead a life on your own.
Now you are all alone in a world that thinks
It is alright to come out,
It is as lonely as it was inside.

Did you ever care to know
What you had a person go through?
Ever apologized with your heart in it
To the messengers who gave you a shot at life,
Who told you about the playground outside?
You just ran away with your ball and never looked back
To see another dead body behind.

You have a surefire mourning for life,
Not because you have played it out wrong,
But because you are doomed
To cause another human pain.

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