Work It Out

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I could bring you home,
But you wouldn’t stay;
I am a man
Who knows your secret too much,
And you would hear my thoughts,
I talk that much.
I hate the idea of you
To be done,
You are a serpent
The world has been feeding,
Maybe you need this needing,
But I am different from the rest;
I know you are slow death
But they don’t know it yet
And they die every day
Doing what needs be done,
But what needs be done,
Stays right there undone,
You make them forget
Why they are here.
I hate you so,
Because you don’t know
What you have been doing.
My world is a void,
I am happy to avoid
You, as long as I know you
This well,
But to know you so well
Takes a life unwell,
And I have been sick
A lifetime of your hell.
I guess I will understand,
If you knock me down,
We haven’t been good friends anyways,
But if I go down,
I will still be around,
Coz I know your darkest secrets.

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