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You are leaving me
With my head
I think a lot
Of nonsense
When you are gone.
If I dare make sense
Then hear me out,
If you hurt yourself
Then cry me out
Of your system,
It can be done,
I have done it too,
After a day or two
You think not much,
And you think less
Of yourself
Every dying day,
And that’s alright,
Coz you become a rock then
And only a paper could beat you,
And that’s fine too,
Coz there’s the joy of writing
Or being written,
You can look forward to.
I thought age was just a number,
But these numbers count
When you know your maths,
And discern what two becomes
When you minus one,
If you minus you
I might not see you,
I wouldn’t even try
To find you
For I am just as lost,
And the haze that
Grows around my eyes
Stops me from watching
People go.
You know
What happens then?
I slither into my blanket of work
And become what I used to be,
Living ceases to matter again,
And I let the universe forget,
Like I was never there
In the first place,
And every memory
I had ever made
Wipes out with me slowly,
And becomes just as cold
As my frigid heart.
You let that bubble burst,
The only one
I was playing with,
That’s all I had,
And you made me mad,
It is that bad,
For here I thought I had finally,
So carefully,
Picked my wildflower
From a bed of roses.

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