Watch Me Die

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I lie awake,
My life’s at stake,
I am back to ground zero.
They say there’s no hero;
I tried to be one,
Son of a gun!
They are all blind!
My eyes couldn’t find
Hope to keep me up at night,
Or a voice in my flickering light.
Now I sleep in my drowsy days,
Wondering with a miffed face,
What a disgrace!
Such a race!
How mute are people to each other!
Don’t bother
Dance to their tune;
They are immune
To your act,
It’s a fact
To heed,
Your feet might bleed,
But their hearts won’t
If you don’t
Do what they do,
They don’t like to
See men rise,
But their cries
Of defeat
Are a feat
For their ears.
One of my fears
Is not falling,
But not trying,
While my men
Of ken
Make me feel lowly,
Watch me die slowly.

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