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When you are loved for every breath you make,
Praised for every step you take,

When you ask you get your own realm of space,
When you walk and you reach a place,

When you talk and they lose the presence around,
When you are quiet, pins drop to no sound,

When you roar and the world halts,
When you love and you melt hearts,

When you cry to find them in tears,
And when you speak to find more ears,

When you flap and you are there in the skies,
When you run you leave everyone behind,

When you drink and it turns into a potion,
And when you can feel every emotion,

When you blink and it stops time,
And when you don’t it is still as divine,

When you smile and people know why,
And you never fail whenever you try.

That’s when you know you have found what life envies the most.
That’s when you know you are no longer a ghost.

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