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Careful laughs,
Uptight walks,
I am no stranger to the business of love,
You don’t have to pretend
To be loved,
Love happens when you are you.
Don’t hide behind gaudy masks,
I want you bursting like a bubble
To my candid talks.
I wish to see your insides when you laugh –
The deformity that sets you apart.
Quaff your drink in a single gulp,
Don’t be about sips,
Be how you are in the company of your friends –
Like you were not a man’s creation.
Wallow in dirt,
Swallow your pride,
Forget the smudge that rests on you awhile,
Pimples that remind you to be humble.
Don’t stop making that weird face,
It’s the expressions that often win them over.
Don’t make an effort to become someone else,
Kingdom come and they all dance the dance of the dead.
Fall like you don’t care,
Run like you are wild and reckless,
Think out loud your thoughts
Like no one’s there to judge,
And love like nothing compares.
Most important of all –
Be you!
Coz there’s no one else.

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