Tragic Love

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Words feel smaller,
They still call her;
You are hazier,
I am crazier
Than before,
And I don’t know,
How many lives ago
Were you there,
Twinkling like a star
In my sky.
I am a life unlived,
Hoping a vision clearer,
Things were never dearer
To me than today,
And I like it this way
When I am bleeding;
The pain feels like home,
As if I was moulded in it
From it and by it.
My every bit
Is a gasp of ruin
That tastes like death,
And writing you out
Is effacing your breath,
From my insides.
Maybe I am too much of a thinker
But why would you linger
On my mind when I have taught it
To live without you.
There may be a million like you,
But unlike you, I am one,
And that’s my only tragedy.

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