To the Expectant

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You are layering up your expectations,
Like I am expected
To run on your word.
You want of me
To become
Your idea of me,
While my ideas smother in my head.
What of my expectations?
What of them, you ask.
Who would hurt the most
If they don’t get stood by,
And they are left out all by themselves,
Like I have been left out all alone?
If I am to stay that way,
Why does it bother you
What I do?
It is me after all,
Me for myself;
I don’t run on demand.
I have to listen to me,
And not to you lot,
I have done that all my life;
Look where it has got me –
I am a wreck
Of your plans,
And yet you don’t fail to stop
To pave my roads for once,
For once, let me stand on my vision
I have for my world,
I promise you it’s not blinded.

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