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I could be making sense
Or talking trash,
But behind the mask
You choose not to see,
It will always be me.
Even when I am sloshed
Or hopelessly sober,
A part of me
Would want to be
With you,
And why does it matter
How many glasses I devour,
I never leave my body
I am forever the core,
I am still the kernel inside
That makes my outside
What I am,
And every sense of right,
Every nibble of wrong,
I prolong
Within me,
And I am me
All along,
I don’t become someone else
With every sip.
I might sleep tight
And bid night
Early on,
But come on!
It is the buzz of being closer
To something else
Other than life
That makes me lift that cup.
It is nothing but a diversion
You return to,
A welcome distraction that
You run to,
Like a recluse
That takes you away
Into the woods
For a while –
But you never lose sight
Of your grail.
And it is all the things I could be,
It is all the things that I could see
With a different eye
That I
Often find
Myself staring at the world
Through the bottom of my glass.
I am not ashamed of
What I become,
Because I am all the same,
And a little bit more of me
When I am drunk.

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