Ticking Bomb

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I am only a moment away
From disappearing into my life,
Never to return again,
Despite who dares to cry.
My wilderness of sorrow
Calls me every night,
And wishes to keep me company
Inside its cold heart.
I breathe on gloom
As if it were my fuel,
And I can’t be happy all the time
For I am one of those sad faces
That has just planted blue eyes
For the world to see color
Where there is black and white.
All those things you hide
Behind your lying eyes,
Come out in the open to play
A game I really despise,
And you must know by now,
My bags are all packed –
Tell me to leave again,
And I would never come back.
If you think you think too much
I think a thousand times more,
And my thoughts aren’t like yours –
They are toxic and lethal,
I get smothered by both hands,
Choked till I stop breathing,
To become what I was all along –
Dead, inside a body of the living.

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