The Philosopher’s Lullaby

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Do you go to bed to eat your day?
To make your misery go away?
Or because your eyelids fall
Whenever you try to stay awake?

Are you waiting for a point in time
To snooze yourself till you reach there?
But all the unpleasantness would stay,
Even if you choose to close your eyes.

Or is it just what they say,
To find the rest in your unrest?
You wake up to find another work
Waiting for you till death do you part.

Or you like your dreams so much
You decide to deliberately faint?
You pass away for hours
To taste that longing on your tongue again.

Is it all about revival?
Of finding your lost strength
That hides behind a shuteye
To feel all mighty again?

Where would that power lead,
If not to another collapse?
It would smother you completely
Till you find your peace.

Is it about the world you hate
That fails to change the mundane?
Another one is just a blink away,
What keeps you from your slumber?

It is the cycle of life
That has us pedaling every dawn;
It is its brakes
That find us every night.

Stars sing, moon whispers,
Earth rocks us to sleep –
Our eternal batteries
That make us for a day.

It could be the glint of magic,
We have learned to live without,
That visits us only
When we fail to stay awake.

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