The Laundry Bag – A Short Horror Film

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I have ventured into the world of creating films. Direction and screenwriting has always fascinated me, probably why I am a diehard cinephile. You would know that if you know me well. If I am nowhere to be found I would probably be in a theater.

Taking a shot at cinema for the first time, I have come up with one of my own works. I hope to group them under one Production House named “The Hidden Pea“.

The first one is a short horror film that tries to tell a story of a man who has been procrastinating doing his laundry chores, until one day his laundry bag personifies into a ghost. It is sort of an allegory hinting at why it is not good to put things away in the back of our head. Like the monster in this flick, they come to haunt us one way or the other. I hope you get the poetry behind.

Here’s where you can watch the short film:


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