The Burrowers

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What world?
We have a world of our own,
It isn’t as bright,
It is devoid of light,
But we can see,
Unlike you.
Isn’t that the dream?
We feed on what you leave,
We live on what you love,
We leave nothing like you do,
Glad that you do
Because your ‘full’ is our fuel.
We thrive on broken morsels
Falling off sides of your mouth,
And survive on broken crumbs
You somehow forget all about.
It’s not much of a living,
But who are you to judge?
Haven’t you been naming
Everything around here?
We serve you all our life,
In ways you know,
But you choose to forget,
For we stay hidden
But our deeds don’t hide;
They walk in plain sight
Yet you find ways to overlook;
You are more cunning than a fox.
We live as drudges
You never desired,
Still, we get by just like you do.
And you get by fine
For prodigal morons.
It’s the chain of life they say;
Maybe they are right.
We rectify your mistakes
And might as well for eternity we will,
If that’s what it takes
To prove it is you who lives alright,
And we live like scum –
A scuttling disgrace.

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