The Boy Who Cried Love

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Moments pure wash up my gate,
My eyes hold rivers of faint memories
That pour out one by one,
Like a touch of a girl in my hand –
Soft and not from this world.
Of whispers sent through the wind
When I was too busy not paying attention
You would hold me like a gaze –
That terrifying surety of love,
And I would forget there were better
Things to do in the world;
I missed out on life so much
At such a tender age.
Yet you were all I ever dreamed of,
And you were all my dreams were ever made of;
Thousands of pieces of you
Twinkling in my space,
As I dared to spell out your name
Unafraid of who might eavesdrop
To strain my cupid stupid fate,
I had a longing in my chest;
You were supposed to be a lifetime
For that child who was once so sure of love.

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