That Dreamy Snare

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From the deepest alcoves of my mind, you somehow always make it back. This time so powerful! Appearing like a memory so strong that it was hard to shake you off. Another dream like a bazillion others, I wish you would never come back. But there you were, unequivocal akin to reality.

I saw you once again. Proximal you were like a strong silhouette, and I was happy to see you. Why? I often ask why? I have never thought about you in the real extant world? Why now? But there you were. Maybe it was a parallel dimension playing its stupid games once again. Your parents were mine. They seemed embarrassed. I was silently passing on those adorable kisses whilst talking to you. You seemed distracted pointing my head towards the matter at hand, but I wouldn’t look away. My eyes would only find you. Funny that feeling! Hard to put a name to it.

We were talking about future arrangements – where would our Jacuzzi land, and how our marriage would appear. I was least interested because you were nigh. All I saw was you! Right betwixt my seeking eyes. Kissing you, making you moan into “Stop! Someone is coming!” Weird those words, something I never came across, ever. And yet in that mist, I was bold as hell. Because nothing mattered. Nothing!

Coming back to life, I wondered what I was dreaming about. Why was I dreaming about you? Again? You might as well be steps away from getting smothered into a wraith intangible. You might as well be following a soul unbothered by the beautiful past we wove together. You might as well be knee deep into life’s shittiest muck from where there is no turning back.

Still, it made me ponder, still. Why? Why were you in my dreams? No one screams an answer. It is awfully quiet around here.

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