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corpse a musing by scottshak


I don’t rule out your possibility, never have. All the things they say about fate, gives me butterflies knowing how mysteriously I have been picked up and placed on a foreign land as if I were some part of a big plan, that I had

dehn sora's art for sleepless poem by scottshak


Squinting in the dark, I try to find my light With my careful eyes; They are burning With a fire that’s crackling My body and soul, That’s making this pain Hard to bear. I have a dream in my eyes That’s keeping me alive From

waiting hands image for poverty

Waiting Hands

Reading so much hope In so much less, You are warriors of dark Fighting for light. I wish you weren’t A mere statue of pity For comments pithy, Forgotten like people often Forget things unimportant. I have never known, I might have known; But the

image of a baby for children of pain

Children of Pain

I know it is hard to get, But those little soft fingers You have rolled up in your palms Are anything but innocent; They have scraped against someone’s insides; You have come from a place of pain. They have suffered in silence When you were eating