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corpse a musing by scottshak


I don’t rule out your possibility, never have. All the things they say about fate, gives me butterflies knowing how mysteriously I have been picked up and placed on a foreign land as if I were some part of a big plan, that I had

spokesman poetry by scottshak


Don’t link people with me, I represent none But one, That’s me, You see, I am my own spokesman, Who speaks words, Which sing of birds With a curse To never fulfill each other, I am a murder Of hopes, On the ropes Of defeat,

walking fingers poem image for somewhere else

Somewhere Else

Shrouded bodies, Crowded places, This isn’t the world I had dreamt of When I was a child in the head, I used to think a little more, And sleep a little less, Yet my dreams never failed To bring a future in my bed. Shiny