Stiletto – A Short Animated Film

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I have always had a thing for animation. Good news is that I have ventured into this department as well. I bought myself a good One by Wacom Graphic Tablet and it’s been serving the purpose. So far, so good!

If you too have some animation jitters or wish to resurrect a lost hobby, you can place an order for yourself. You can get it from here:

I came up with a sketch, something that I had been brooding over quite a bit. It is about a dancing girl in her stilettos. The short might appear as something delightful in one go but there’s something lurking in the climax here.

It is the recklessness behind a dancing soul, the disregard in her amusement that forms the basis of this video poetry.

Okay here is the latest news. Stiletto was selected by Reel Love Film Festival. Clearly it had the potential to compete with other short films. That news was just absolutely thrilling!

Check it out here:

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