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Don’t link people with me,
I represent none
But one,
That’s me,
You see,
I am my own spokesman,
Who speaks words,
Which sing of birds
With a curse
To never fulfill each other,
I am a murder
Of hopes,
On the ropes
Of defeat,
It’s a feat
If you are dragging the feet
Of a corpse,
I don’t care
If you are there,
This is where
I dare
You to release
The dogs on me,
Call the cops on me,
Rat on me,
Tell on me,
Fink on me,
Think of me
As someone
Who has had enough
Of the world,
Now I draw my line,
You can’t force me
Your rule,
I can’t force you
My cool,
I am no mule
Of your fuel
Who would carry
And marry
A burden,
Coz it’s heavy
For some arms.
I am a debate
Of the state,
I can’t relate
With a mate,
I can’t wait
To be late
For my own wedding,
I have been shedding
My skin
Trying to win
A battle of din,
I can’t put a pin
To my sin
Of fighting my kin,
They are on their toes
To see a rose
In my mouth,
To see me rise
And ride
Into the sun,
With a dame and a gun,
And shun all the fun
And be done,
But there’s no one
Who knows
I am no knight,
But I am right
In my mind,
There’s no sight
Of a light,
That it might
Be a night
After all.

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