Somewhere Else – Third Prize in Nottingham Film Festival

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This one is very special to me. One of my poems was so beautifully recited by Amelia Catherine Uncles that I decided to create a short sketch out of it. Her voice felt so right that I kept envisioning a man trying to find himself in the crowd. It was simply befitting.

With little resources to work with, I tried to find as many apt videos as I could on the internet, created some of my own and then congregated them for emphasis. I wanted to add some music to it but the hollow sound of a girl gasp was music per se. I let it be without changing the tempo or rhythm, without breaking the flow which I could have so easily done with editing. 

Somehow the right videos fit at the right areas, and the result is in front of your eyes. Somewhere Else was selected twice in a Film Festival

  • FUICLA Film Festival – Morocco
  • Hothouse’s Nottingham Film Festival

The Moroccan festival wanted me to fly to Morocco which wasn’t possible for me and hence I had to politely refuse. The latter had no such compulsions and I saw it gradually make it to the semi-finals then finals and then eventually winning the third position in the artistic category.

Here’s the video poetry that was created:

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