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Squinting in the dark,
I try to find my light
With my careful eyes;
They are burning
With a fire that’s crackling
My body and soul,
That’s making this pain
Hard to bear.
I have a dream in my eyes
That’s keeping me alive
From a surefire shuteye,
While in their corner,
I find you wide asleep –
Naked and reckless
In a dreamless time.
It bothers me a bit
Of the contrast it paints
In the easel of ourĀ universe,
That mocks our fate.
Nothing has me content
While the content around me snores,
Unbothered by what I might find
In a glaring screen in the dark.
I might be withering myself away,
But it’s the struggle and the fight
In this unholy sight,
That I might
Have a chance
To become the light,
To shine so bright
That it wakes you right
Up, brings you back to life
In the middle of the night.
But it hurts to think
That I have a bed right there
Where I put my head,
Yet I choose to skip the ease
To not be amongst
Those sleepy heads,
Who know only of their comfy beds,
And the way they make them feel
Like every tomorrow’s theirs to keep,
And that one day they will wake
To sleep all over again.

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