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Mornings laced with the taste of you,
A memory stoned in time,
Arms biting your body in
With a promise to hold you tight.
Marveling at every tiny feature
That composes your ethereal form,
Consuming you with my razor eyes,
So you never get forgotten,
Unlike a past that feels all hazy now,
I choose to overwrite it all
With everything that your lips escape
And everything that makes me fall.
Saving every tiny breath you make,
That turns into icicles in our wintry dawn,
Into tiny boxes of frozen things
I keep next to my cold heart.
And every popping sound
Is when my heart ignites
Fire to your storm,
Your toxic eyes hold within
The circles of their dorm.
Feeling you up crazy close,
Fallen into your arms,
Never knew a place before
Existed here so warm.
When I breathe you in,
Don’t know what happens then,
I cease to figure you out,
How you reel me in
Without doing anything,
I stop to think out loud –
“Some things you can’t control,
Though you’ve been driving all along,
Left you turn, right you go,
You still end up being wrong.
So let this fire burn us today,
If it wishes to kindle our bones,
Some things you can’t direct,
They get steered on their own.”

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