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My, my! What a life!
What a life!
Bred to breathe
A moment,
It passes by
In a shuteye,
And then I realize
I am picked up
To be ground
In a machine
Yet again;
Did I not just die?
Why repeat the cycle again,
When I am dying in each one?
If it is all about living,
Then why didn’t I live enough?
You held me so tight,
My wings got hurt,
Now you shun me
Coz I can’t fly?
And call me flightless,
I might be less today,
But that’s because
I was never more,
Coz You gave birth to me
Inside the walls
With the poultry,
And not in the wild,
Where I might have had a chance,
How do you expect me to dream
When a knife awaits
Me at the signal ahead?
And I would not live
To see the hands of the clock
Meet again.
Born afresh
In my claustrophobic world,
I depend on the peal of a chance,
And every drool out there,
I know for sure,
Is my death knell.
My! My! What hell!
I live through fear
All my life.
Could be the acceptance
That keeps me going,
And a frail hope
That one day I might
Meet my maker
In some life,
To change the ways
They lead their life –
The trodden shouldn’t be tread
For their foibles,
They deserve a chance
To prove life is too delicate
For a cleaver to meet.
But we are not allowed to think,
They say quite often,
Our thoughts couldn’t handle the horror.
So I wait here
For my turn,
To turn into one
Of those snacks that go
Well with your pleasantries,
Waiting to be undone yet again.

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