Pitch Black

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So I walk into this room and it is painted in black. All the four walls, written in pitch darkness. For a second, I felt as if I have stepped into the night. But there were no stars or moon inside. Just a charcoal story being narrated every moment to its residents.

The room was still lit owing to a window at one corner that allowed some light to pass through. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness around, I finally saw him sitting there in one corner of the room. Lost in his thoughts. Unaware of my presence.

As I moved towards him, I saw him raise his head.

“Oh! I am sorry I didn’t notice you there.”

I was quick to respond,

“No, I am sorry I came in unannounced.”

I slowly walked towards him before speaking again,

“Why is everything so dark in here?”

He fidgeted as if I had hurt him by being so judgemental. He took a deep breath before replying,

“I know it is not pleasant. But that’s the color of my soul.”

He paused then added dispiritedly,

“You can leave too if you want to.”

Then he dug his head into the darkness once again. That’s when I went and sat next to him.

The light from the window shone on me now. It showed the color of my dress. It was black.

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