Origin Story

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Matted with my mess,
You fit me like a glove,
Pressed against my body,
As we try to become one,
Fighting everything the world hauls,
Biting everything that it calls for,
Plucking weeds that stop us
From going back to our origin story –
We were the same rock
Before we parted ways,
And splayed our rays
On this wretched planet,
Like all things meant to be
That cannot stay away from each other,
Like all beings that do not know
Why they stay so close to each other,
Our insides howled our names so loud,
Even the universe heard our pain,
We tugged our dismal cords to find
Our stories mingled by our veins.
Now here we are,
Slipping galaxies down our throats.
As I try to leave,
You leave the taste of a thousand stars in my mouth,
And now I am afraid I don’t know how to live without.
But you know, I know,
My heart is your favourite toy,
And when you are reckless with it,
I often dream of
Reaching up to the sky,
And asking the devil
Who made us why,
To be so much alike,
And yet so different,
That breathing within is harder,
And breathing without is the hardest.

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