No Crossing

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You have your life,
I have mine,
Why mess things up?
Let us be
Where we are.
We are seamless now,
We might seem less then,
When we tie our threads,
And end up in a knot.
When hearts collide,
No one survives,
Don’t you see that?
It’s all around
In experiments
That people often do
To fail no matter
How hard they try,
And fall no matter
How hard they cry,
No one ever comes back.
Nothing ever remains
The way it was,
The way they were,
When they saw themselves
For the first time
With each other’s eyes.
Coz time shows them
Ugly things
They thought
Were beautiful once.
Love turns us
Into something else,
We didn’t set out for.
I don’t want you to see me
Up so close,
That you don’t see me at all,
And fail to find me there
Where your heart once was.
So let us go,
Our separate paths
And hope to never
Cross each other again.

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