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You aren’t so close to me
That I start whispering secrets
In your ears,
These secrets are afraid of distance,
And if you were near
I would be talking to your eyes
More than to your ears,
I might slip them down your lips,
And then you might not care –
How am I a monster
Who doesn’t know how to behave
In the company of himself.
He has known only chains and walls
That he built himself,
And he croons in torture
With all the pain
He inflicts upon himself,
And for everyone around him,
That he could do with some love,
Even if it’s not his to take.
He is something after all,
If not human.
Some things don’t make sense,
And yet they are there
Dangling in the mist.
I don’t know what to do with them,
Do you?

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