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I am on a boat with no oars, at the mercy of the flow. It is a surefire fall ahead as a steep and deadly fall awaits my death. I know my fate and have come to accept it. Death has never scared me anyway.

But then I find a mermaid at the edge of my boat. I pull her closer to have a good look. Her eyes are ocean blue. She has golden locks as if she were some kind of divine accident who fell from the sea above.

She is fascinated by my legs. I am with her tail. She thinks I am the one, and only one of my kind. How naive!

With a future in mind, I forget I had no time. And I frolic with her around my unmanned keel and play with her golden hair, forgetting all about the tragedy ahead.

As the boat gets closer to the edge, my reverie gets broken. I realize the fall would kill us both. So I tell her about the land. Now I hope she leaves.

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