Judge Me Not

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Underneath your judging eyes,
I feel naked,
I didn’t ask to be tested
Or to be toyed with,
To be turned around,
And then upside down,
To be frisked with
As you please,
I am my own judge.
I want to live a life
Unbothered by the question – how.
I don’t want you
Poking your nose into my business.
I don’t force me on you,
Don’t force you on me!
If I am no good,
I made me that way,
And I am really okay.
I don’t like you telling me,
What I am or what I am not.
I am everything that people could be,
There is nothing new in me,
If that’s what you wish to find
I am deaf, dumb and blind
To the ways of your world
And my mind,
It doesn’t work your way,
It would never be your slave,
I would never be yours to own,
I am my very own.
I hate everything that tries to see
What I don’t look like,
I will never look like your idea of me,
And I will never be
Someone who you think I should be,
I am me, and I will always be.

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