Insane Eyes

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Eyes of glory,
Eyes with a story,
You hold my gaze with reflections of a star;
I think they are diamonds you wear for eyes.
If you hadn’t turned around for a furtive glance,
I might have failed to notice your eyes looking into mine,
Are you a reader too?
Because I read you in that fleeting second of time,
And felt a skip go rogue somewhere around my chest;
Maybe someone knocked from inside.
You turned around again as if you heard it the first time
And then again, and again as if you knew what was on my mind.
I hope I wasn’t too obvious with my stare
Coz I felt you smile from your insides
When your gut told you not to look at my reading pair
That walks around with unsure strides.
“He doesn’t know where he is going
Or what is wrong with his life.”
But didn’t you turn around about four times?
Booking a conversation with me in thin air
When the world wasn’t by our side,
Or was that a nod that misled?
Didn’t you invite me in to talk?
Your cheeks talked of crimson red,
Before you walked away for good.
You had to go, and I had to stay,
Because I linger on my thoughts.

I don’t know you, of course, stranger,
But I know, I think I know, one thing I am sure about is time,
That present is a moment to be felt and smiled at,
And cherished before it chooses to move,
To move on to another pair of insane eyes.

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