How Sachin Destroyed My Life Book Review

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The book is witty and quite entertaining. Lets you in on what went inside the locker room of the then Indian Cricket Team. Comes from a perspective of a wannabe cricketer Vikram Sathaye, the book sticks mostly to the dressing room chortles and tries to peel through the mindsets of the players. It doesn’t capture everything, of course, as Dhoni puts it – “These writers want to know everything about you and then when you are retired you have nothing left for your own biopics.”

Titled deliberately so you are forced to pick it up, Vikram Sathaye’s book says nothing really bad about the God of cricket. So people should relax. It just mostly speaks about the author’s insecurities and jokes about it galore. The strength lies there, where you can laugh at your own self. He does that all along throughout the book covering it with great snappy jests.

At times you feel nostalgia kicking in, finding a lot more about some of those great cricketers you grew up watching. Little things you didn’t know about them existed and learning about all that makes you elated. How these people you only saw on TV or in a sports stadium, before they disappeared into their elusive lives, lived and behaved in real life, knowing about them up close succeeds in amusing you.

You get to know a lot about the author who wished to be an aspiring cricketer but couldn’t go anywhere because he had a cavalcade of talent driving ahead of him. That factor kind of relates to you as well if you are an Indian man since you have grown up dreaming about being a cricketer all your life. A lot of the punches kick you in the groin too and it is easy to laugh with him with all the could-have-beens that you are forced to swallow.

Overall an entertaining book that constantly manages to keep a smile on your face. You are going to enjoy it more if you are a true Cricket Fan who primarily hails from the era of Sachin.

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