Good Times

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It is the now in your eyes,
The then in my cries,
That dictate our lives
During good times.

Coz circles then make
A hazier lake,
And I can’t really wake
Up on the inside.

The fog that’s around,
You cannot be found
For you are spellbound
By its inside.

And you choose to stay,
Don’t bother to say,
You are having your play
On the inside.

Those people you left,
And those you bereft
Of your colors so deft,
Are on the outside.

They are waiting in pain
And going insane,
They are dying in vain
On the outside.

Won’t rain on parade,
Don’t come to my aid,
Even though I might fade
On the outside.

I might look the same,
Coz I am playing your game,
I am in a different frame
On the inside.

Was there a vow?
I feel terrible now,
I won’t show you how
Am on the inside.

While I fall in my cup,
With your favourite pup,
But you still snuggle up
To your inside.

Lost in the sea,
You might not see
Where I am rowing to be,
On the outside.

And every second I miss
To be with your bliss,
I just reminisce
At the outside.

And wait for your turn
To show your return,
Our time in the sun
Was the outside.

Now give me a look,
I have been reading your book
Of the reasons you cook
For our own good times.

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