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Ain’t afraid now
Of challenges on my road,
I pick them like
I pick fallen berries in the woods,
Or people who have lost interest
In their every day,
For it all sounds the same,
The quiet makes them sleepy
And they think now,
Maybe life is a good night nap,
That it’s about how tight you sleep,
But it’s the tinnitus in your head
That you have learned to live with,
That’s been calling you like an alarm,
That holds the key to your purpose.
You are not here for the bed
But to be that puzzle piece,
That would fit in life’s arcane enigma,
And then everything you do
Would make sense.
That’s why I boil,
That’s why I toil
To make them fathom
That it’s not it,
That we are never content
For a reason.

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