Dawn of the Living

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Waking up in your time,
I am the night!
I see what calls you –
A light from the sky,
And you walk out like moths
To a brimming sunshine;
All that glare hides promises
Of a bright future
That you could make
In your every day,
That would one day,
Fill up the bucket
Of a well-lived life,
And yet you choose to earn
Paltry coins of pain,
And call it a living;
Were we ever here
For nickels and dimes?
You have lost yourself
Behind filters of time;
Where are your eyes?
Stop seeing yourself from others’.
Don’t forget what we once were –
We came from nothing!
It is a world we dream of,
Not the world we dream in
That will turn us into something.
Every morn is a shimmering hope
Of unfailing thoughts,
Bask in every dawn of ray,
Before you deserve
To call it a day,
And walk amongst
Our side of the dead;
We are the living.

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